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For Probate Judge

Win Smith is and has always been devoted to the people of Milford and Orange.  As Probate Judge, Win Smith will preserve the exceptional quality of work and care exhibited by Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas during her tenure as the Milford-Orange Probate Judge.

Win Smith will continue to protect and preserve the rights and interests of families, children, seniors and all others that have probate matters in Milford and Orange, as he has done throughout his legal career.

Win will focus on transparency, fairness, and equality in every case that comes before the court.

Uniquely qualified and with an emphasis on community values, Win will bring his leadership and experience to the Milford-Orange Probate Court to ensure that all the citizens of Milford and Orange have a Judge from their community that leads with honesty and integrity.

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Win Smith was born and raised in Milford. As an attorney, Win Smith has dedicated his legal career to Probate Law. Probate Courts across Connecticut have appointed Win Smith to difficult and sensitive cases involving families, children, seniors, and countless others. In particular, the Milford-Orange Probate Court has trusted Win Smith by continuing to appoint him to numerous Probate Court cases that require skill and compassion. This experience is needed and required of the next presiding Judge of the Milford-Orange Probate Court and shows that Win Smith is the best candidate for this position.

Over the years, Win has committed himself to the service of Milford, as a previous member of the Board of Aldermen and the Tax Appeal Board. Win has further been involved in many community organizations across Milford and Orange including Milford Rotary, Free Masons (Ansantawae Lodge No. 89), Boys and Girls Club, and many others. Win has served his community in a number of different capacities which truly exhibits his steadfast commitment to the communities of Milford and Orange.




 My sister and I had the pleasure of working with Win Smith after my brother's unexpected death in 2019. Win was highly recommended , and we understand why. The probate process was unknown to us. We had to deal with numerous issues- becoming Executors of an estate, dealing with a disabled son that my brother was sole guardian of, as well as the emotional loss. Win was professional and knowledgeable. We felt confident and he explained each process to us. He was available by phone call or email and made us feel at ease. His compassion and empathy as a human being is exceptional! After a year in probate, Win assisted us with setting up a Trust for my nephew. It was so easy to trust Win! Win is exceptional in not only his knowledge of the probate system, but a compassionate and empathetic individual. I support Win Smith for Probate Judge!

Luisa Francis

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